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Improve Staff Communication with a Simple Graph (Radical Candor)

Improve Your Team’s Communication by Learning This Graph

If you’ve never heard of Kim Scott, she’s a former executive at both Google and Apple, and she’s gained some notoriety the past couple years for her new approach to effective management. While at Apple, she was tasked with developing a class on “how to be a good boss.” The result is her book outlining the approach, called Radical Candor.

In short, Kim Scott has come up with a memorable tool that functions as a strainer on your speech and actions at work. It’s a graph composed of four quadrants that determine the end result of your expressed position on the axes.

radical candor graph

 The x-axis is Challenge Directly, which essentially measures external forthrightness. Too avoidant of conflict, and you wind up in paralysis of inaction. But go over the top with brutal honesty, and—well, you won’t have many friends.

The y-axis is Care Personally, which is fairly self explanatory. Care too much and you’ll become the world’s worst enabler. Care too little and you’ll be perceived as uncouth.

Memorizing this simple framework can help direct both you toward the reasonable and effective quadrant of Radical Candor. Spending more time here will help create a culture of feedback (both praise and criticism) inside your team.

Ultimately, Radical Candor is the idea that, to be a good boss, you have to Care Personally at the same time that you Challenge Directly. Remember these two sliding scales of behavior, and you’re bound to improve communication in your restaurant.

If you’re keen to hear a preview of the book, listen here:


Ps. We’ve got no stake in Kim Scott's book. Jolt’s founders are just fanboys of Radical Candor as it has served our company well.

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